We offer both long term partnerships – the Virtual Team model – as well as scoped projects. A Virtual Team is the option for you who look for a future-proof way to fuel up your development pipeline, while a project can be the perfect way to get started.

What is a Virtual Team?

A Virtual Team is a team that is handpicked for you and its best suited when you want to work long term with us. Your virtual team then can either be integrated with your inhouse crew or can serve as its own standalone unit. This means your team builds a deep knowledge both in your business and work culture and at the sametime bring the technical expertise you desire, enabling a closer collaboration and more technical input to your product development.

How to get started

Step 1​ - Business Analysis

We discuss your current and future development plans, own organization, staff and processes in order to assess what team and setup will be best suited. Based on the discussion, we suggest a team that matches your organisation and business needs.

Step 2 - Team set up

As the team is decided we appoint a project leader who ensures to get everything up and running. Depending on your current practices, the project manager consults you on tweaks needed to make the workflows and teams as productive as possible. The team is then handed over to you to initiate deep-dives into your business and be part of your team.

Step 3 - Keep it flying​

Once your team is up and running, we do regular check-ins as agreed with you to make sure things are going in the right direction. Development retrospectives are held regularly and when needed other competences can be added on a need by basis to make sure you can turn all your development plans into reality.

What is a Scoped Project?

A Scope Project Team is a team that is handpicked for your particular needs and its best suited when you have a project idea. In this model, we appoint a project manager who will assist you right from requirements gathering till project closure. This means that your team will receive weekly reports to keep you involved in every step of the project development in order to avoid surprises for both you and us. At the end you will receive the documentation and source code related to your project.

We discuss your project idea and establish the high-level requirement for the project. Based on the discussion, we frame the detailed requirement specification that matches your project idea.

As the requirements specification is finalised, we appoint a project leader who prepares the technology stack that is best suited for your project. Based on the discussions, the project manager presents to you the pros and cons of the technology selected for your project and make any final changes as needed to ensure a final handshake. After this the project manager will prepare the project plan for development.

At this point the, team is in full speed developing what has been agreed. The project manager runs regular meetings and milestone check ins with you to ensure that we are on the right track and when needed other competences can be added on a need by basis to make sure to accommodate any new requirements or changes needed.

At this point we handover all documents and materials related to your project along with the source code.

We will agree on a formal project closure with points on what went good and how we can improve further.

Between our brackets

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