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Our Story

Founded in 2020, NSD helps Scandinavian businesses find the IT competence they need at an affordable cost. We also build the best workplace in India with Swedish mindset and values. Our motto is to ensure that there is transparency, punctuality and accountability to deliver high quality of service to our customers.

With a background in the rapidly expanding software industry in Sweden, the founders had seen businesses struggling to find enough competence locally to execute their development plans. 

The problem is more prevalent for startups and scaleups where its important to get competent and driven resources at a startup friendly cost. To solve this problem, they created Nordic Sai – a company that has been built ground up with this in mind, so that you can focus on building your company without worrying about hiring or breaking the bank

India is growing into a technical backbone for companies around the world. It’s also one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and has been named by Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and other great minds’ top choice for tech talent. The vibrant tech scene of Hyderabad has proved to be the perfect spot for finding the skills and building high-performing teams. Since then, our operations and team have continued to evolve!

Our People’s Way

A healthy, happy and motivated team is our main priority when building the our organisation. We believe in a solid gender balance and perspective diversity across all levels, modern workspaces that allows for different preferences and a flat organization with high ceiling where everyone's opinion counts. Working with the two great worlds of Sweden and India our culture is Sw-Indian, and what really knits us together is our passion for technology and the ambition to build something outstanding.

Some of the heroes making it happen

A Glimpse of the Squad


Durga Bhattiprolu

Firmware Engineer

Harindra Nath

Project Manager

Srinivas Rayudu



Development Lead

Nagendra Goud

Hardware Engineer


Design Engineer

Ram Sai Kiran

Software Developer

Ahamad Bhasha

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Foto: Pierre Ekman